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Strategic Leadership and Global ManagementSustainable Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantages

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Qualification objectives

  • Being able to develop and implement strategies for sustainability
  • Being able to define aspects of ecological and social sustainability
  • Evaluation and measuring of strategic options
  • Being able to choose between different strategic options - Ability to respond to multidimensional challenges (e.g. balance between sustainability and performance)


The module consists of one course:

Module "Sustainable Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantages"
Course name
Scope SWS
Scope LP (ECTS)
Sustainable Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantages
73 140 L 7781

Qualification Objectives

This course deals with the challenges that different market actors (start-ups, incumbents, NGOs, public administration) have to cope with and what solutions they derive. Some of the topics are:

  • How can sustainability be defined and delineated from other related concepts?
  • How can corporate social performance be measured?
  • Can sustainability be profitable?
  • How can incumbents incorporate aspects of sustainability into their strategies, their business models and their internal processes?
  • To what extent hinder or foster innovation and sustainability each other in the corporate context?
  • Which individual capabilities are required from leaders to implement sustainability successfully?
  • How can start-ups add to more sustainability in society?
  • Which role do family owned businesses play for social sustainability and which trends are important in this context right now?
  • In how far has the public administration to deal with goal conflicts when decisions about sustainability strategies have to be made?
  • What role do NGOs play for sustainable societal goals?
  • How can the collaboration between public administration and NGOs be set up to align their objectives? When could it be inevitable to arrive at bigger conflicts?

Forms of Teaching

The module is implemented as integrated events including lectures, workshops, and practical exercises.

Moreover, case studies and miscellaneous tasks will be performed in groups that will be formed in the beginning of the semester. From a managerial perspective, the students analyze a given situation, identify potential problems, and develop strategies for sustainable solutions. During the classes, the students become familiar with sustainable managerial thinking and acedemic working.

In the form of a academic poster, the working results of the groups will be presented and discussed in plenary. Additionally, the results will be summarized in a written assignment.


The whole module is being offered in English. A general information lecture, where content and formal requirements of the course will be discussed, is offered at the beginning of each semester. Time and place will be published on the homepage of the subject area. Participation of the information lecture is recommended.

A syllabus with extensive information on content and procedure of the course is provided for the module.

The syllabus ia available here.


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