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Learning Outcomes

The module is aimed at students who are interested in real challenges of urban space and want to expand their knowledge on the subject of innovation in the urban context in combination with the development of business models. Through direct experience in the design of product and service innovations in urban areas and its implementation in the form of a business model, students gain the ability to creatively address and solve problems. Moreover, they are enabled to critically scrutinize and effectively incorporate feedback into their work. The following should be taught in this course:

  • Substantive debate and analysis of urban real-world problems
  • Learning of creative methodologies for the analysis and solution of urban problems
  • Promotion of the student's own creativity
  • The ability to build an innovative team and to work in such a team

Course Content

At the beginning of the course, the urban challenge is presented to the students by our practice partner. Using presentations, videos and short exercises, we give them the methodological tools in order to achieve a common understanding of the problem and develop solutions for the challenge in small groups. This requires full days of attendance distributed over the semester. In addition, the intermediate and final results should be presented on a regular basis. Participants work independently in their teams supervised by coaches. At the end of the course students will present their results in front of our project partners and other experts in a final presentation. Moreover, the preparation of a project documentation as well as a poster for the visualization of results is required.

Teaching Methods

The project seminar contains a short lecture-like part. This part is to clarify the question of the project partner and, in addition, the method of Urban Design Thinking used for the seminar is taught. Most of the work is done in small groups led by a coach and also in independent teamwork. Besides that, ongoing exchange and discussions within the whole group and with experts take place. Presentations and documentation at the end of the project are integral parts of the seminar.

Scope (ECTS): 12


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